RSC Plan Benefits

Implementation of the Radford Studio Center Plan will keep production in Studio City, create thousands of entertainment industry jobs, boost local small businesses, and deliver other important benefits to the community.

Beautifying and Increasing
Access to the LA River

The LA River bike and pedestrian path is interrupted at Radford Studio Center. Our plan proposes to close the existing gap in the bike and pedestrian path by bridging over the Tujunga Wash, allowing Studio City residents and all Angelenos to enjoy a beautified and accessible river frontage along the property.

A Sustainable Future

Our plan adds new bike and pedestrian paths by constructing a bridge over Tujunga Wash, allowing neighbors to enjoy a beautified and accessible river frontage. The plan also enhances the public edges of the property and will beautify the streetscape – improving the overall walking experience around the property.

Environmental responsibility is central to our plan. Green building standards and industry-leading sustainability features will be incorporated throughout all facets of the reimagined Radford Studio Center.

Empowerment Through

Through multi-faceted mentorship and job-training programs, the Radford Studio Plan will prepare the next generation of creators. Changing Lenses is an initiative to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the entertainment industry by providing historically underrepresented communities these mentorship and job-training opportunities.

Investing In Studio City

The power of jobs created during construction and operations will reverberate throughout the local economy. By providing a robust customer base for local shops, restaurants and other small businesses, Radford Studio Center will help Studio City succeed by promoting job creation, business growth and a strong local economy as we stay true to our heritage industry.

Bolstering Safety

Safety is an important concern for neighbors and our work on this matter has already begun. Listening to residents and business owners, we installed additional lighting in the alley adjacent to the studio to improve area safety. We also made sure the Studio City Business Improvement District was able to provide motorized security patrol seven days a week after we learned it only did so five days a week.

Past is present

Radford Studio Center has been in continuous use as a production facility for 95 years. This plan honors Radford Studio Center’s historical roots and enhances the existing use by updating the site into a modern, world-class studio – giving content creators the tools to succeed for decades to come.

Before / After

The Radford Studio Center will continue to be a world-class production facility.

Once operational, Radford Studio Center will generate $5.5 billion annually in new economic output and support an estimated 19,750 direct, indirect, and induced jobs throughout Los Angeles County.

A proposed gate on Carpenter aims to ease congestion throughout the region.

An enhanced, greener proposed entrance along Colfax Avenue.

New bike paths and pedestrian walkways ensure the community is at the center of the plan to modernize the studio.

The Radford Studio Center Plan proposes to bridge the existing gap in the bike and pedestrian path, allowing Studio City residents and all Angelenos to enjoy a beautified and accessible river frontage along the property.

The Radford Studio Center Plan includes efficient and flexible production office, and supports facilities located adjacent to stages.

The Radford Studio Center Plan includes capacity to accommodate new modern, purpose-built sound stages.


New Direct Jobs During Construction


New Direct Jobs When Operational


Total Economic Output During Construction


Total Annual Economic Output Once Operational

The Radford Studio Center Plan will modernize the studio to ensure it continues to thrive by supporting new content creators, more jobs, a greener and more sustainable site, and community partnerships that uplift the local economy and improve the quality of life in Studio City.