The Plan

The Radford Studio Center Plan is designed to meet the needs of the modern entertainment industry and keep jobs local – all while honoring the studio’s legacy, respecting our neighbors, and investing in an environmentally sustainable future for the studio.

Moving Radford Forward

Radford Studio Center opened its doors in 1928 as one of the most cutting-edge production facilities of its time. Today, at nearly 100 years old and after decades of under-investment, the studio must be modernized to continue to meet the demands of an evolving entertainment industry. Additionally, global competition and growing demand for sound stages in Los Angeles, combined with a shortage of supply, has contributed to productions looking elsewhere to film — and taking jobs with them. To reclaim its status as a premier studio facility, keep production in Los Angeles, and accommodate an ever-evolving media industry, Radford Studio Center must be updated in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.


Modern Studios

What was considered state-of-the-art production technology in the 1920s is a long way from the industry standards of today. As the entertainment industry has evolved over the past century, so too have the physical requirements of a studio facility. Today’s content creators call for larger stage volumes, more production office and support space, media offices for production-related departments, and enhanced circulation corridors. To continue being a premier production facility, Radford Studio Center must be updated.

Footprint & Clear Height (Old)
Footprint & Clear Height (Modern)
Production Support
Production Office
Stage Loading
Media Office

Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared to identify and analyze the potential environmental impacts associated with the operations and construction of the Radford Studio Center Plan. Robust community outreach will be conducted throughout the process.

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The Radford Studio Center Plan will modernize the studio to ensure it continues to thrive by supporting new content creators, more jobs, a greener and more sustainable site, and community partnerships that uplift the local economy and improve the quality of life in Studio City.